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RapidPrint AN-E Numbering Machine (RapidPrint AN-E)

RapidPrint AN-E Sequential Numbering Stamp
RapidPrint AN-E Sequential Numbering Stamp
+ 2 free ribbons
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+ 2 free ribbons
+ 1 year service

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About the RapidPrint AN-E Numbering Machine:

These rugged, electronically actuated machines are designed to solve the widest possible range of sequential numbering problems.  In operation, RapidPrint numbering machines stamp a number each time a document or form is inserted, then advance the number automatically with each imprint.

Simply insert the form or document.  Instantaneously you get an accurate number registration.  Electronic components incorporated in this RapidPrint AN-E model assures you superior performance and reliability.

RapidPrint AN-E Number Stamp Applications:

  • Mail Room - verify receipt and tally of incoming mail
  • Banks - stamp deposit slips to verify quantity of deposits
  • Restaurants - stamp guest checks to measure meals prepared per day

RapidPrint AN-E Number Stamp Outstanding Features:

  • A RapidPrint number stamp is easy to use. Just insert the document and it is instantly printed with the Sequential Numbering.
  • A RapidPrint number stamp is also very fast allowing hundreds of documents to be stamped within a short period of time.
  • Unlike handwritten records, the printed record is accurate and easy to read.
  • Electronic circuitry assures dependable service, simplified maintenance, consistently clear imprints.
  • Durable brass typewheels provide superior imprints.
  • Rugged metal housing, stainless steel paper plate and sturdy case lock discourage tampering.
  • UL approved.

RapidPrint AN-E Number Stamp Options (Contact us for pricing info):

  • Fixed Brass Die Plates (Custom engraved text above or below the date/time)
  • Repeat Switch (User switch to continually print the same number)
  • Reverse Print (Prints the stamped text rotated by 180 degrees)
  • Extended Trigger (Allows for changing the print distance from the edge of a form)

RapidPrint AN-E Numeric Stamping Machine
RapidPrint AN-E Number
RapidPrint AN-E Numeric Sample Print
RapidPrint AN-E Sample Print
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  RapidPrint's are Made with Pride in the U.S.A.