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RapidPrint Year Wheels

RapidPrint Year Wheel Replacement Special   (Flat Fee $185.00):

  • Replace year wheel (two or four digit)
  • Replace ribbon (purple, black, blue or red)
  • Clean all wheels with solution and wire brush
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Power blow unit to free debris
  • General cleaning and service adjustments
  • Adjust print for overall print quality/evenness
  • Test the print and time keeping ability
  • Shipping the unit back generally via USPS Priority Service

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for the special your date stamp unit must be in 100% operational order and only need the year wheel replaced.   The customer is responsible for shipping the date stamp unit to us first and we will ship the unit back after repairs are complete.   Please do not send your keys with the date stamp.   Also please package your clock well within the box so that it has adequate padding.   Place a note inside with contact information.

Please contact us and we can make arrangements to do the work for you.

If You Would Like to Replace the Year Wheel Yourself     (MSRP $61.70):

We provide an online tutorial on replacing the year wheel but only offer it to customers who are purchasing through us.  Still, approximately half of the users who attempt to do the work themselves are 100% successful.  The other half, merely end up sending the unit to us, along with all of the loose parts, to complete the installation.

The average cost of this is:
$54.00  For the 2 or 4 digit year wheel
$  7.00  For USPS shipping (Other options are available at shipping costs)
$61.00  Total (Please add tax if within the State of California)

Order a replacement YEAR WHEEL (2 digit) for your RapidPrint date stamp.

Order a replacement YEAR WHEEL (4 digit) for your RapidPrint date stamp.

RapidPrint Year Wheel (4 digit)
RapidPrint Year Wheel (4 digit)
Made with Pride in the U.S.A.
  RapidPrint's are Made with Pride in the U.S.A.